Theme 1. Linkages between Polar Regions and global systems

We cannot fully understand processes and changes in the Polar Regions just by studying the Arctic and Antarctic separately since changes may certainly be imposed on the Polar Regions from mid and lower latitudes, including changing pole ward fluxes both in the ocean and the atmosphere. Changes in the physical conditions in both Arctic and Antarctic will have impact on rest of the world, and processes and changes in the Polar Regions will influence mid and lower latitude. The theme “Linkages between polar regions and the global systems”  will focus specifically on how closely related both Arctic and Antarctic are to the rest of the Global system

Theme Committee: Harald Loeng NO (chair), Michel Beland CA, Jorge Carrasco CL, Sarah Gille US, Karen Heywood  UK, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten DE, Alexander Klepikov RU, Nicole Lovenduski US, Jim Overland US, Steve Rintoul AU, Peter Schlosser US

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