2nd MEDIA ALERT: Join the largest polar science gathering ever!

8-12 June Oslo is hosting the largest polar science meeting ever – to celebrate and publish early results from the International Polar Year 2007-2008 (IPY). This conference is the first opportunity after completion of the IPY field activities for direct interaction among all the 160 IPY science cluster projects.


Link up with valuable contacts and access excellent research!

This conference will provide an excellent opportunity to get up to pace with the latest in global climate research - some of which will provide the scientific foundation for COP16 in Mexico in November, as well as the next IPCC report.


To get full access to the conference activities and content, press will need to obtain a participants card.  Press representatives are eligible for waived registration fees. Eligibility for press registration must be substantiated through submission of the Press Registration Form with the required documentation.

More information on the procedure for press registration.

To get the card on arrival make sure you go through registration before 1st of June.


  • More than 2000 participants.
  • Multidisciplinary and international conference. Participation from about 60 nations.
  • Main focus: Climate research - Highly relevant to COP 16 in Mexico in November. The conference will provide direct access to the leading polar scientists of the world, discussing first-hand evidence for change in Polar Regions.
  • Altogether 2600 abstracts received, 1200 oral presentations, almost 40 sessions.
  • Meet the next generation of polar scientists, more than 500 from around the world. Already one of the most successful conferences in terms of young scientist participation.
  • Results and reports from one of the largest infusions of new ideas and new resources into science education and outreach.


Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, June 12, 2010

There are a number of pre-conference and post-conference activities, PolarTEACHERS, Early career workshop, Excursions. Refer to the conference website for details.


Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrøm, Norway (15 min from Oslo City Centre).

Most participants will stay in hotels in Oslo. Included in the participants card is free transport between the city and the venue, a free lunch at the venue and social events.

For hotel booking, click here!


Organising institutions: Research Council of Norway, World Meteorological Organisation, International Council for Science, SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research), IASC (International Arctic Science Committee), IPY-IPO (International Polar Year), APECS/IPY Youth (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists)


IPY - The International Polar Year - has emerged as the largest internationally coordinated planetary research effort in the past 50 years. Substantial new funding - more than US$ 400 million - was pledged for IPY. The IPY Oslo Science Conference will demonstrate, strengthen, and extend IPY's remarkable accomplishments in science and outreach.

The Polar Regions are an integral and rapidly changing part of the Earth system. Humankind's future environment, well-being and sustainable development require that we comprehensively understand and observe polar systems and processes and the changes that are already upon us. The message of IPY is loud and clear: what happens in the Polar Regions affects the rest of the world and concerns us all.

The International Polar Year 2007-2008 (IPY) was an intensive, internationally coordinated scientific research campaign in the Arctic and the Antarctic sponsored by the International  Council for Science (ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In two action-packed years, IPY researchers observed exciting new phenomena, made fundamental scientific discoveries, developed new methods and tools, advanced interdisciplinary and international links in polar science and, most importantly, gained new understanding of the role of the Polar Regions in the total Earth system.

IPY 2007-2008 took place during a time when our planet was changing faster than ever in recorded human history, especially in the Polar Regions. Polar changes are critical because of various feedbacks involving the ocean, the cryosphere and/or the biosphere, each of which has the potential to accelerate the rates of global changes. The need for polar research has never been greater.

The IPY Oslo Science Conference will emphasize the breadth and global impact of polar research during IPY. It will highlight the extraordinary interdisciplinary and multinational efforts in research and in communication of research to the public. Participants will present early scientific results from all the IPY themes, particularly in the urgent areas of:

1. Linkages between polar regions and global systems
2. Past, present and future changes in polar regions
3. Polar ecosystems and biodiversity
4. Health and well-being of northern people and communities
5. New frontiers and new directions in polar research
6. Polar science education, outreach and communication

IPY resulted in a plethora of research activities and observations, all underpinned by a mutual appreciation of the value of shared logistical facilities, research capabilities and data. The Conference will demonstrate the benefit of early and open data sharing and the prospects for future discoveries based on the data collected. A substantial effort will ensure that the conference provides attractive and fresh information for the media and for the public.


The conference programme provides the arguments you will need to have your participation rubberstamped.

The last version of the full conference programme is always available on the website.

Morning plenary speakers (read more here):

8 June:  Prof. Steven Chown, SA: "Biodiversity change: an unintended legacy"
9 June:  Prof. Katherine Richardson, DK: "Jokers in the pack: Global repercussions of change in Polar Regions."
10 June: Prof. Ole-Henrik Magga, NO: "Arctic peoples and Arctic research - success stories, contradictions and mutual expectations."
11 June: Prof. David Barber, CA: "On thin Ice: The Arctic and Climate Change."
12 June: Dr. Alexander Frolov, RU: "IPY and beyond: from a snapshot to a movie?"

A number of high ranking officials already have announced their presence. HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway will open the conference. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco will also attend the conference.

The outreach programme and social programme will provide photo opportunities (e.g. Sami culture and a number of polar research vessels in the harbour) and glimpse into the international and Norwegian polar history (like the Barbeque at the Fram Museum).


  • A serviced press centre will be available to all registered journalists on the venue.
  • A full time photographer will provide pool photo from the event. A selection of photos from the day's events will be made available in high resolution on the conference website.
  • The conference photographer can also be commissioned to do portraits of interviewees and the like. Our partner can supply photographers for more demanding tasks at the rate of about USD 1000 for a full day.
  • Morning press briefings will be held to present the key activities of the day and help you to make your pick from the programme.
  • Plenary sessions and other main activities will be streamed live on the web. Afternoon PolarEXCHANGE sessions will be organised as moderated talk shows to expose and explore some of the scientific highlights.
  • Plenary speakers will be urged to make themselves available for questions from the press immediately after their lectures. Suitable backdrops and the necessary lights will be provided such improvised press conferences.

Media Contact:

Mr Kristen Ulstein, Senior Communication Adviser
The Research Council of Norway
Stensberggt. 26, NO-0131 Oslo, Norway
Email: ku@rcn.no Cell: +47 97 09 08 58+47 97 09 08 58

Last updated: 26.04.2010

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