Overall schedule

The full programme for IPY-OSC 2010 is now ready. To find the presentations and sessions that interest you the most, there are several options.

1) To find all sessions/presentations related to a specific theme, click on the theme in the left side menu.
2) To search the program for each day, click on the date in the menu above. The day program will include all plenaries, breakes and social events during the day.
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This is a graphic overview of the full conference schedule:

Complementary activities to the science programme 

Education, outreach and communication (EOC) has been more prominent during IPY than in most science programmes. The Steering Committee has thus emphasised the showcasing of EOC activities and products.


Alongside and as part of the IPY Oslo 2010 Science Conference, a PolarFESTIVAL will to take place in the Oslo city hall square 9-10 June. The Festival aims to showcase some polar science relevant activities to the general public. You can experience Sami food and hide production, see the exhibition "Polar Norway", visit the performance show "Hunting high for polar lows", and see how space technology and unmanned aircrafts help polar science.

Several research vessels will visit Oslo during the conference:
• Norway's newest vessel, G.O.Sars, is open to the public Wednesday 9th at 1100 to 1400, and on Thursday 10th at 1000 to 1200. There will also be other IPY-OSC activities onboard.
• The Polish sailing boat Oceania visit in Oslo will be open to the public on 9th June 15:00- 19:30. In addition, the conference participants are welcome onboard the ship after the Barbeque at the Fram Museum.


Many IPY projects have taken journalists, video photographers or documentary film producers onboard on their expeditions or field operations. This has resulted in a rich material of interest to scientists, media professionals and the public alike. We have invited entries and received about 100 films - short and long - from podcasts to feature film. The material is to be presented in a PolarCINEMA programme all week in the venue and Lillestrøm and in the public theatre CINEMATEKET in Oslo.


In the PolarEXPO 24 exhibitors are ready to present their services and products. Refer to the Programme book for a list of exhibitors. The PolarEXPO exhibition area is located in Hall C, the same hall as the poster presentations. This is the most central part of the convention centre.


A brief and entertaining overview of the day's science in a relaxed atmosphere - late afternoon on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. PolarEXCHANGE will be hosted by BBC science presenter Sue Nelson. These sessions will also be webcast on various websites to cater for a much larger virtual conference audience.


120 teachers from more than 20 countries will be together 5th-7th June in The University of Oslo for PolarTEACHERS. After their pre-conference event, where teachers get opportunity to share their experiences from teaching polar sciences, participoant will all take part in IPY-OSC.

APECS events

A special conditions stipends program supports participation from more than 400 students and early career scientists. 

In conjunction with and closely integrated with the IPY-OSC 2010, APECS (The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) will hold a workshop ahead of the science conference and open to registered participants at IPY-OSC only.

There is an APECS Lounge located in the raised cafe in the main hallway of the conference centre. Mentors welcome!

The evening of Tuesday 8th the young scientists will gather in the venue for a reception. APECS will also invite senior researchers for this mentoring and networking event.

There will be APECS awards for outstanding presentations - given for best oral and poster within the six conference themes. The awards will be presented at the closing ceremony on Saturday lunch.