Speakers guidelines

conv3-ing (Ingressbilde)

For your convenience all lecture rooms will be networked to a central Speakers'

Centre (SSC). Presentations will be downloaded from the centre and sent to the respective lecture room on a secured network. All speakers thus have to go to the SSC the day before their presentation.

Speakers' Service Centre Opening Hours: All days from 07:30 - 17:30

All Speakers are expected to Check-In in the SSC the day before or no later than 2 hours prior to the session! Speakers who do not check-in sufficiently in advance of their presentation may give the scheduled lecture, but may not have visual support.

The Speakers' Service Centre (SSC) hosts will be happy to welcome you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help you to prepare your presentation. Highly experienced and skilled technicians will assist you throughout the entire congress.

Peak hours of operation in the SSC are during coffee breaks and lunch breaks. In order to maximize your time in the SSC, and the attention that we are able to give you, we highly recommend visiting early in the morning or during session's time.

Lecture room Audiovisual Equipment

Once uploaded to the respective lecture room, presentations will be played locally. Lecture rooms will be operated by audio and projection technicians and supplied with the following:

  • Screen; data projector; laser pointer.
  • Data monitors will be available at the Lectern and at the Chairpersons table
  • Windows XP, Office 2003 (which includes PowerPoint 2003, Word, and Excel)

In the lecture room, at the lectern, you can easily follow your presentation on a monitor and either change your slide directly with the mouse or ask the technician to do it for you.

Accepted presentations supports in the SSC:

Bring your presentation on a floppy disk, USB memory stick, CD-Rom, Zip Disk or Laptop to the Speakers' Service Centre


  • No 35 mm slides, No Video tape players, No Overhead Projector will be available.
  • Personal laptop computers cannot be connected to the projectors in Lecture Rooms.
  • Maximum size of presentation should not exceed 300 Mb.

Attention MAC users
If your presentation is on a Mac. computer, we kindly urge you to meet with a dedicated Mac technician in the Speakers' Service Centre to either make sure that your presentation will run properly on the PC's or to anticipate a


When you are in the Speakers' Service Centre:

1. Check-In: please register at the Welcome Desk. The hostess will give you a SSC Application paper form with all details of your presentation (presentation number, time, room...)

2. You may wait in the Lounge area for an available technician.

3. Once available, an experienced and skilled technician will ask you the SSC Application form; He will capture your presentation and store it on a specific server.

4. You then rehearse your presentation with the assistance of your dedicated technician. The technician will help you with PowerPoint and will ensure that your changes are updated.

5. Check-out: please don't forget to bring back the SSC Application form to the Welcome Desk once leaving the SSC

6. Your computer presentation is made available in your lecture room, on a presentation computer, operated by the technician. You are not allowed to bring your laptop directly in the lecture rooms.


Computers in the SSC will be configured with hardware and software exactly like the ones in the lecture rooms. It will allow you to preview your presentation, identify problems, make corrections if necessary and valid the presentation to be copied in the corresponding lecture room.

In the SSC, a demonstration lectern will be representative of what is supplied in the lecture room. We recommend that all speakers should familiarize themselves with the mouse control.


If you have specific questions regarding audiovisual equipment or computer presentations, you may contact the ACS Audiovisual Department in advance by email at cees.acs@inter.nl.net

Last updated: 24.05.2010