Book before 6th May: Glaciers and fjords - excursion to the scenic highlights of Western Norway

glaciers-ing (Ingressbilde)

There is room for a handful more on this post-conference excursion to Western Norway. If you book before the 6th May you can join a five days guided tour along the scenic route to glaciers and fjords! Combine the pleasures of tourism with insights into hydro power, glacial history and avalanche research!

Glaciers and fjords -
the scenic highlights of Western Norway

IPY-OSC post-conference excursion No. 1, 13-17 June 2010


Scenic FjærlandNoneScenic Fjærland

A five days guided excursion to glacier and fjord areas in Western Norway - organised by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, with contribution from the Universities of Bergen and Oslo, the Norwegian Glacier Museum and the Research Council of Norway.


Cost per person is NOK 5500 (about USD930 or EUR690), which includes excursion buss, accommodation in hotels and all meals except lunch the first day. Cost of alcoholic beverage not included. Cost may be lower if cheaper accommodation is selected. The excursion require a minimum of 30 persons - the maximum is 45, on a first come first served basis.


You register for the excursion through the conference registration system. Just log in to the system, click through your registration and this excursion will appear as an add on. The deadline for registration is 6th May.

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90% refund if cancelled before 10 May. 75 % refund if cancelled between 11 May and 10 June. No refund if later cancellation.

Preliminary schedule:

Sunday 13th June:   Oslo - Hallingdal - Aurland - Lærdal - Jostedal.

Departure from Oslo in the morning. Cross from eastern to western Norway at the watershed (1160 m elevation), demonstration of water collection for hydropower purposes. Down a steep valley to Aurland in Sognefjord. A second mountain crossing (1302 m) to Lærdal, with spectacular views over fjord landscape now on UNESCOs World Heritage list. Ferry across the fjord. Into Jostedalen - the valley that gave its name to the biggest glacier in Norway, Jostedalsbreen. Two nights at the Jostedal Hotel.

Monday 14th June:  All the day in Jostedalen.

A short hike to Nigardsbreen - one of the most famous glaciers in Norway and the site of extensive glaciological, hydrological and sedimentological research. During the Little Ice Age it advanced several kilometres and caused much damage. The subsequent retreat has left a unique moraine system. Today the ice front is 5 km from the outermost moraine from 1748. The lake Nigardbrevatn in front of the glacier first appeared in 1935 and was totally exposed in 1968. We will see results from the research and monitoring programmes and have a guided tour of the large power plant in Jostedalen which is partly based on glacier melt water, as well as look at flood evidence.

Tuesday 15th June:  Jostedalen - Sogndal - Fjærland.

Depart Jostedalen via Sogndal through a 6 km tunnel to renowned Fjærlandsfjord. Magnificent views of Jostedalsbeen and other glaciers. Visit Bøyabreen and Supphellebreen - glaciers that have retreated significantly in recent years. We will see the results of a large jökulhlaup in 2004 from a moraine-dammed lake at Flatbreen. If the weather is nice, there will be an option to hike to Flatbrehytta close to the outburst lake. Visit to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. Overnight at Mundal, a classic hotel built in 1891.

Wednesday 16th June:  Fjærland - Jølstervann - Våtedalen - Olden with Briksdalen - Loenvann.

Depart Fjærland through a second 6 km tunnel to visit lake Jølstervann, there the postglacial outlet has changed twice through glacier melt and land uplift. Large snow avalanche protection in Våtedalen. The view at Utvikfjell shows how Nordfjord reflects a drainage pattern ove-deepened by glaciation. From Olden a detour to Brigsdalsbreen, the most visited glacier in Norway. In the neighbour valley huge landslides fell into the lake Loenvann in 1905 and 1936. More than 100 people were killed and the exposed farms were abandoned. Overnight at Loenfjord Hotel.

Thursday 17th June:  Loen - Stryn - Djupvasshytta - Lom - Valdresflya - Fagernes - Oslo.

From Loen past Stryn and Strynefjell, visiting NGI's snow avalanche research station in Grasdalen. Deep canyon at Gjøl bridge. Detour to Djupvasshytta to see the famous Geirangerfjord. Heading south, we pass Lom village, one of the driest places in Norway. From here over Valdresflya, one of the highest mountain roads in Norway (1400 m), with views of the Jotunheimen, the highest peaks in Norway. Through Fagernes to arrive in Oslo in the early evening.

The Sognefjord continues to make lasting impressions on tourists.Photo: VisitNorway
The Sognefjord continues to make lasting impressions on tourists.

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