Business meetings and side events

The IPY-OSC secretariate is pleased to announce the availability of side meeting space: 1) at the Research Council of Norway offices (Oslo City Centre) on 7th June and 2) at the conference venue (Thon Arena Hotel and Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrøm) during the conference.

Book your business meetings and side events now.

Side meeting rooms will be available by appointment for groups to encourage scientific collaboration, educational networking, and face-to-face meetings. Side meeting requests will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis, as meeting space allows.

Side meeting requests are due by 1st April 2010.

Dates and times available

We ask, if possible, that side meetings are not requested for times during major plenary or parallel sessions in order to minimize pressure on logistics needs and encourage full participation in the conference sessions.

Thus, side meeting space is primarily available on (as space allows):

  • Anytime on Monday, 7th June
  • During lunch and evenings Tuesday-Friday, 8-12 June 

Facilities and costs

Side meeting room space will be provided to groups free of charge and will include an projector, screen, flip chart, and a high-speed Internet connection. IPY-OSC will not provide staffing, but hotel or office staff will provide technical support; side meeting organizers will be responsible for all aspects of meeting organization and planning.

Catering; food, and beverages are available for a fee, through an agreement directly between the meeting group and venue. All requests for catering will be handled by the catering

provider on the venue.

It's a term of use that the participants to the meeting are registred at the conference.

Download the form "Request time and space for a business meeting / side event", fill in and email to

Last updated: 30.04.2010