EOC Committee and subcommittees

The IPY International Committee for Education, Outreach, and Communication (EOC) have been suplemented slightly and will continue to serve until the IPY-OSC. The committee is tasked with the planning of the EOC programme during the conference.

Margarete Pauls GE (co-chair media) 
Sandy Zicus AU (co-chair education) 

Miriam Almeida BR
Geoff Green CA
Rachel Hazell UK
Louise Huffman US
Tove Kolset NO
Lars Kullerud  NO
Zhang Le CH
René Malherbe NL
Liz Murphy AU
Jean de Pomereu BE
Khadijah Abdul Rahman-Sinclair MY
Melianie Raymond DE/NZ
Elena Sparrow CA

Ex-officio representatives from ICSU, WMO, International Programme Office, APECS, IPY Joint Committee and IPY Norway.

PolarCINEMA committee

Coordinator: Mare Pit GE

Rene Malherbe NL,
Khadijah Abdul-Rahman Sinclair MY,
Geoffrey Haines-Stiles US,
Maya Salganek US,
Erlend Hermansen NO

International PolarTEACHERS conference committee

Coordinator: Karl Thorstein Hetland NO

Sandra Zicus AU
Louise Huffman US,
Miriam Hebling Almeida BR
Khadijah Abdul-Rahman Sinclair MY, 
Karen Edvards CA,
Elena Sparrow US,
Sandra Vanhove BE

PolarFESTIVAL committee

Coordinators: Kristen Ulstein NO, Odd Rogne NO



Last updated: 04.03.2010